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An Organic Way of Life: Yoga-Lifestyle

Yoga has emerged to be something more than just a recreational activity in today’s world, it is a lifestyle. Yoga has influenced the life of many to an extent that they have chosen to take it beyond than just the yoga mat; they have chosen the yoga-lifestyle. Yoga-lifestyle is the one which is based on the basic principles of yoga itself, which means it is a way to live life with determination, concentration, focus, peace and love. Yoga provides a sense of physical, mental and spiritual well being, and yoga-lifestyle is a way to implement all these into your day-to-day life.

Yoga-lifestyle focuses on living a life in peace with the environment around us. This has lead to people being conscious about what they wear and eat. This has changed the clothing trend from synthetically produced clothes to all organic clothing. Organic clothing includes the use of organic crops for the production of textile. These organic textiles are at times mixed with recycled plastic if needed to produce a final product, i.e. an organic piece of cloth. This proves to be advantageous on environmental and sustainable development end. These organic crops are farmed without using any genetically modified seeds or chemically produced pesticides. Studies have shown that these pesticides which are produced chemically and not found naturally in the environment have severe effects on the soil and land value and contaminated the air and water around it. Not just that it has also shown to cause many harmful diseases in the areas where they are used. On the other hand using recycled plastic means there will be less of plastic material which will be filled up in land or burnt, providing yet another road towards a cleaner environment.

With more and more people being conscious about environmental issues yoga-lifestyle has emerged as a way to protect the environment. Besides being a treat for the environment, organic clothing is also comfortable to wear. A good yoga practice requires complete concentration and focus, and for that you would like your clothes to be completely comfortable during all the ‘asaanas’; organic yoga clothing provides just that. Organic cotton clothes even absorb sweat, and are not at all irrigating and itching like other synthetic clothes. With the explosion of this lifestyle, along with comfort these organic clothes are also a big hit in style and fashion world as many big names have started working with organic material.

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