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Pet Survival Kit – Protecting Your Pets During Disaster – Dog and Cat

Pets can easily be lost in a time of disaster. While they would typically find their way home based on surroundings and scent, it can become difficult when the area has been changed due to weather or other natural disasters and the scent untraceable. That leaves your pet stranded wherever they may be without a lot of help in getting home to their family. A missing pet for many is the same as missing any other loved member of that family, which is why the utmost care must be taken in locating lost animals.

A tag with their owners name, phone number, and address, with the name of the pet clearly on it is a good start to getting your pet home. People are more willing to take in a pet that appears to belong to someone versus a stray looking animal. This is a quick sign that this animal needs help and is not harmful. This method is great for when the pet simply wanders a little too far from home in the neighborhood or on a busy street corner, but may not be best suited for a longer distance.

That is why technology has given us many other ways of keeping track of our pets and helping us locates them wherever they may end up. Microchips have been developed that will assist in identifying your pet if picked up by an animal shelter. It will provide them with your animal’s name, as well as the owner’s information. This also provides proof that the pet does belong to you in case a conflict arises over ownership. This is a harmless procedure in which a chip is inserted just beneath the skin of your pet in a location behind the neck. This standard location is used as it is easily scanned and consistent. Just next time you take your pet in for a check-up; talk with your vet on if this is a good option for you and your pet.

If microchips or tags just still does not give you a feeling of security about your pet, there is another option that will actually track you pet through satellite. It is practically a GPS on your pet. These can be placed on collars or also inserted into their skin. It will make tracking down your excited pet that made it out of the back yard chasing something of interest a lot easier, and practically double the chances of finding your pet after a serious natural disaster. Many veterinarians have the options readily available and can provide you with more information.

It does not matter which method you choose to identify your beloved pet, it is just crucial that at least one of these are put into action. A pet without identification is harder to track than a Jane Doe without fingerprints or dental records. So if you worry about your family pet, then take the necessary steps to ensure their safety and make the stress on you a little easier.