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Planning Travel, How?

Organising any travel can be daunting, particularly if you have never been to the chosen destination. However there are ways to plan a successful vacation. People manage to have great vacations all the time.

Most travel consists of several parts. It is possible to arrange the parts independently or in one package. The separable parts are air travel, accommodation and tours. There are many ways to package a holiday.

In recent times there has been significant integration in the travel industry. Both vertical and horizontal integration of business and services. There are few organisations that focus on just one aspect of travel. Some airlines now offer accommodation and tour packages with the flights, but their primary ability is in the transport business. Many large accommodation providers are including flights and tours with their packages. The tour providers are also aggregating. The result is “cheap” holidays with little or no flexibility. This integration makes it difficult to get the best value flights, the best value accommodation and the best value tours. So how can you still get the best value holiday.

There are two options.

Firstly, research online for the components. This will take much more time that you first think because the internet is a place where the options are endless unless you are very specific. When choosing this option, take care in understanding the transitions. Include the transfers from the airport to your hotel and the make sure the tour company will pick you up from the hotel. There is potential for gaps in the itinerary.

The other option is to see a travel consultant who can tailor-make your holiday to your specifications, particularly if the itinerary is not straightforward. For example, a mix of transport options across countries with fixed dates. Sit with him or her and tell them of your travel dreams. Even if you do not have a clear itinerary a good travel consultant will ask many questions to discover your passions for travel. Give them time to research for you and then continue the conversation. You might be surprised that your travel consultant not only saves you time but also money.

Whichever option you choose to take, start early and plan well to make sure that places are available at your preferred destinations. Your travel consultant will be keen to know how the travel experience went. With thorough planning of your itinerary at the start, you will have a great holiday.